Saturday, November 5, 2011

furniture for the little ones

i've been dreaming up ideas for paisley's "big girl room". even though she won't be moving out of her current room i want to give it a total make-over as she gets closer to turning 3. 

i would love to have a piece of this beautiful children's furniture made from reclaimed wood from katrin arens


aren't these pieces just lovely? dreaming. 

hope you have a lovely weekend! 



Anything but Bland said...

hi, love! you're amazing. do you have any special vegan recipes to share with me that you just love? How do you feel about nutritional yeast and what kind of vitamins do you take? thanks love!

love, polly :D

excited we're both in this together!

Jordan said...

Umm...can I have that in adult furniture size? Those pieces are so beautiful!

virginiamae said...

Love the look! That would be beautiful!

Breena said...

It'll look so cute! (And thanks for stopping by earlier and commenting about my girls!)

Audrey Allure said...

These furniture pieces are fabulous and adorable!

Hanna said...

love hte minimalist look of this. nice and modern

christalena said...

Holy whoa that is some seriously cool furniture. Really, really love it. Thanks for sharing!