Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween #fail

every year our church puts on a super fun alternative to halloween called "extreme blast". they rent bunches of huge inflatables and have loads of carnival games where the kids can rack up as much candy as they can carry. 

this is our second year going. last year pais was a cutie little fairy but she was really too small to enjoy any of the festivities.

{last years halloween baby}

so this year, this year i thought it would be just grand. paisley would have the time of her life and jump in the inflatables until she could jump no more . . . 
boy was i wrong. 

Picnik collage

and . . . 


oh well. i guess we always have next year to look forward to.

maybe she was so upset because she was forced into wearing a greenbay packers jersey? i think she's more of a steelers girl like her mommy! {wink}

how was you're halloween weekend? hopefully a little better then ours!


Kelly said...

Had to be the green bay garb. Ha.ha! Next year she will love it. :)

Bethany said...

Aw... sweet girl! I think most kids don't like the inflatables at that age... it's a bit overwhelming. Perhaps next year will be better... and maybe you ought to try a Steelers jersey next year to see if that helps too! :)

Jordan said...

It's definitely because she had to wear GB stuff. Go JETS!! haha. I'm sure next year will be better when it isn't quite so much to take in for such a little growing mind. I love her fairy costume. I thought at first she was the queen of hearts...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

Anna of IHOD said...

Steph, no worries. Perfectly normal for that age! Love her jersey and you look so cute as always!
Veronica fell asleep after ten houses but Gabriel (after much candy bribing) did pretty well trick or treating. Third halloween is a charm;)

Hanna said...

SO cute. I love her int hat lil baseball cap!!! Hey Stephanie, I love your blog. You wanna swap buttons? I can grab it and resize yours to fit mine. EMail me if your interested Steph:)

"[email protected]" Include the "www."

xoxo Hanna

Laura Parsons Lytle said...

Steph, have a mentioned to you lately that you and Noah have one of the most adorable children ever? Sooo cute! Love these pics!

kristyn ellen said...

Just found your blog and am perusing through! :) I HAVE to follow solely based on the fact that one of your wee ones dressed up as Greg Jennings for Halloween! My husband will love this news and make me promise our children will follow suit.

Nicole said...

she is such a doll!