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twiggy christmas:

 photo 1a69c12c-f43f-4c75-a6a5-3eccaea97a65_zpse6e6bc47.jpg
 photo a99f292f869a4edd816ef8cf4f7c8ca8_zps6789e752.jpg
 photo bf65347a-feb2-4f4a-9f6a-90dda855f184_zps439ad4cf.jpg
 photo bdcb3249-d116-4e31-862d-38df76e3f41d_zps937bef44.jpg
 photo d65260eb-5fbf-46f7-ac07-3e7fd7ed54ed_zps17b59cfe.jpg
 photo 4e7dabe5-07f4-4e8c-ad05-4d1e6cee95b4_zps8dcaae97.jpg
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pais and i were walking through one of our favorite stores to spend pointless hours in the other day
 {aka target},when i noticed that halloween wasn't even officially over yet, but the christmas
 decorations were already beginning to make their appearance. and i thought to myself "if stores and
 restaurants can already be decorating and advertising for christmas then why can't i? why can't i!? i
 can. and so i will." i decided we will enjoy the beauty of christmas the entire month of november and
 december this year. for all the time and effort it takes to put it up we might as well enjoy it an extra
 month longer! am i  right? some of these pics above have such a great feel about them, i love it! this
 year i think i'm going for a "twiggy" christmas feel. check out my pinterest holiday board
for more pretty finds, have a great week and put up your decorations! ; ) 

merry christmas:

merry christmas everyone! i hope this christmas is filled with love and peace
for you and i hope you are reminded that God loves you so much, he sent his 
one and only son as a baby to save your life. best. gift. ever. 

polka dot christmas paper:

wrapping presents is something i just love. it's such a fun way to show your creative flare and make
gift giving even more extra special then it already is. this year i just couldn't find any wrapping paper
i was super fond of so i decided to just make my own! with packaging paper, a little christmas trim
 and some jute you can come up with some pretty fun wrapping ideas. i also used a bit of washi tape 
and really loved how it turned out. do you like decorating presents? i know some people hate it! 

christmas decor:

christmas1 christmas2 christmas3 christmas4 christmas5
now that thanksgiving is over i'm feeling quite inspired to decorate for christmas! most of my 
decorations are hand me downs, or things i bought the first year of my marriage, 8 years ago! 
i feel like our home has a very traditional/eclectic christmas feel and i really don't love it. 
i'd like to overhaul all my decorations but i can't even imagine where to even start!
 have you ever decided to completely changed your christmas decor? i'm feeling
 slightly overwhelmed. maybe i'll wait till next year. {wink}

sweet surprises

IMG_4463IMG_4479Picnik collageIMG_4511IMG_4514IMG_4519

once i got this camera i was pretty sure christmas {between me and the hubs} was over
and i was totally fine with that. 

so when he pulled this beauty out of no where on christmas day i was speechless screaming. 

as you can see i'm more of a costume jewelry girl then a fine jewelry collector. 
i have a bad rep of losing expensive jewelry {like my wedding ring} all. the. time. 

noah knows never to buy me expensive jewlery. it's not so much my style anyways. 

this gorgeous mirrored jewelry stand is the perfect place to store all my clunky
cheap-o jewlery. and i love it.

thank you noah. you're the best gift giver. 

did you get any fun surprises for christmas this year? 


christmas overload

i know almost every blog is going to be swamped with christmas photos today so i figured,
i should totally join in! {wink.}

we had a super fantastic christmas and i hope you did too!!! 

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

the whole weekend was just wonderful! 
-pais was so into opening her presents and playing with her new toys. 
-we had lots of special time with family and friends. 
-and our church put on the best christmas eve service we've ever done! so many people came to know Jesus for the first time. yew!

i know christmas is over but check out this balarious video my brother and his co-workers made. he works in the film industry so it's a good one. 

{my bro is the one in the red shirt in this frozen frame.}


christmas tidings

from our family to yours, 


hope you all have the best christmas evaaa! 

celebrate family, friends, food and gifts but most of all celebrate Jesus. 


all wrapped up

sooo i really appreciate well wrapped gifts.
 don't get me wrong, i appreciate gifts that aren't wrapped well too {ahem, husband}.
but when i get a gift that clearly took a lot of time and effort to wrap i really admire it.

my mom is one of the best gift wrappers ever! i never want to open her packages because they look so pretty. 

would you believe this is the first year i've put a lot into my wrapping? i don't know what i was doing all the years past! i think it's just called lazy. ha.  

i had so much fun wrapping all these gifts this year and adding some special touches.
here are just a few of my favs! 


are you taking the time to wrap gifts in a special way this year? 

if not i really don't blame ya. my husband walked in last night and said,
 "are you sure you want to put all this time and effort into wrapping these?
they look so nice but it all get's ripped off in 5 seconds." 

yeah, he's totally right. i'm sure my 5yr. old nephew won't be impressed with this tedious packaging.

que sera sera.



Picnik collage

i love my church. this past weekend our pastor {who also happens to be my pops} taught an amazing message called "forgiftness".

it was all about how forgiveness is the most precious gift you could give and receive this holiday season. 


"one of the things God is great at is forgetting. one of the things people are terrible at is forgetting."
-michael cameneti 

we have been forgiven of so much. so why is it so hard for us to return this gift to others? 

this holiday season let's decide to let the past be the past. to forgive ourselves. forgive each other {including family!} .and let ourselves out of the prison of un-forgiveness, offense and bitterness.

give the gift of forgiveness!


God's mercies are new every morning. and ours should be too!

happy wednesday,


{matthew 18:21-35, hebrews 10:16-17, lamentations 3:23}

my christmas present


ahhhh. i feel as if a giant anvil has been lifted off my shoulders. i am happy to say that over the weekend i completely finished my christmas shopping! 

paisley will have gifts to open christmas morning. thank ya jesus. 

are you almost finished? you still have 6 days to wrap it up! {no pun intended.}

so i have to share something so so exciting with you! 

no, i'm not pregnant


my super awesome husband got me this for christmas! eeeeeeepp!!!

if you remember this post you know i wanted this camera really bad. he gave it to me a week before christmas so i could enjoy taking pictures with it through all the festivities! isn't that lovely? 

he's the best. 

happy monday! 


all i want for christmas+more hair pics


am i the only one who gets really happy/exited about makeup? no? you do too?! oh good. that's why we're friends! 

i think i could get all makeup for christmas, my birthday and anniversary and be a very happy camper. i may be a little obsessed. 

is their one gift you would love to get for christmas?

oh and here's a few more pics of my new hair dooooo


happy wednesday! 


holiday style+hair chop

day-dreaming about my perfect 'casual' holiday get-up.

1. 2345678910

what's the deal with red skinnies anyways?
 i've been searching for a pair since summer and every single pair seems to be created for a 5'10" model. it's like all designers collaborated to play a sick joke on us shorties to keep us from owning pair. {maybe that's a little exaggeratory- is that a word?}

oh well. the hunt continues.

Picnik collage

oh, yeah, and no big deal i'm just chopping my hair off today. 

still not sure exactly what look i'm going for but regardless it's happening. pray. 


candy cane ornaments+giveaway winner


i made these fun and festive ornaments yesterday. they were so easy {and yes, a little sticky}. i just had to share the how-to with you!

1. jute
2. yarn 
3. scissors 
4. mini clothes pins 
5. buttons 
6. mini candy canes 

ready, set, go!

Picnik collage
1. get your supplies
2. thread a 4in piece of yarn through your button
3. criss cross the yarn around the top of the clothes pin
4. tie the yarn in a knot on the backside of the pin
5. admire your knot
6. knot a 4in piece of jute around the top of the candy cane 
7. pinch the jute in the clothes pin
8. again admire your work
9. hang your pretties on the tree or make a cute garland with them! 

if you want everything to be extra tight you could hot glue the yarn and jute to the clothes pin to be sure it won't be going no where!

i love these little ornaments. have you tried to do any handmade ornaments this year?


the winner of the blue button giveaway is aklinger:  

"I love the grey hand band with vintage cameo (: super cute!"

aklinger congratulations! email me your info please!