all wrapped up

sooo i really appreciate well wrapped gifts.
 don't get me wrong, i appreciate gifts that aren't wrapped well too {ahem, husband}.
but when i get a gift that clearly took a lot of time and effort to wrap i really admire it.

my mom is one of the best gift wrappers ever! i never want to open her packages because they look so pretty. 

would you believe this is the first year i've put a lot into my wrapping? i don't know what i was doing all the years past! i think it's just called lazy. ha.  

i had so much fun wrapping all these gifts this year and adding some special touches.
here are just a few of my favs! 


are you taking the time to wrap gifts in a special way this year? 

if not i really don't blame ya. my husband walked in last night and said,
 "are you sure you want to put all this time and effort into wrapping these?
they look so nice but it all get's ripped off in 5 seconds." 

yeah, he's totally right. i'm sure my 5yr. old nephew won't be impressed with this tedious packaging.

que sera sera.