no. sequins. allowed.

12 and 234567, 891011

i'm pretty sure noah and i haven't celebrated new years eve for the past 3 years
which coincidentally is how long our child has been alive. {wink.}
we figured since we stay up till midnight most nights anyways
 why not throw a bash at our house this year? 

heres the catch. no. sequins. allowed.
not that i mind getting all dressed up but i would much rather hang out 
in a mickey mouse sweatshirt all night. holla!

we're all trading in our pumps, dresses and lipstick for slippers, sweats and chapstick. 

sounds like a mighty fine time to me. 

are you doing anything fun for new years? 


before you go, indulge in a chuckle at my #failed attempt to do a fashion post. 
1. i chopped my head off 2. pais ran in the photo 3. outlet and 4. the wall color is just terrible for this.
maybe i should get a tripod and repaint my whole house? 



[email protected] chasers said...

Oh girl, I am so with you here! We have the same plans this year, but I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Kelly said...

it's a tradition that the handsomes and i get dressed up (i always buy myself a new dress) and go to a fancy dinner just the 4 of us. we go early and are back home by 8 so we can snuggle down in our cozies and watch the ball drop.
i wish we lived closer too we could figure these bad boys out together. i have no idea what i am doing and haven't shot out of auto yet.

i asked for photoshop elements and hubz got me lightroom (because it's better. his words *rolling my eyes*) it's for master photographers...i assume. i want to cry i'm so overwhelmed.


Erin said...

What a fun idea! I always stay home...but this year I am going out. :) I am excited to get something fun to wear! :)

The Hanlon's said...

hahah!! so funny! I am totally getting a tripod today! there is a universal one at best buy for $35! woohoo! I Have the same camera as you, which I got last Christmas. I still haven't figured out all of the tricks, but thanks to youtube, I've learned a few things. My husband works on NYE, so it look like the boys and I will be hanging out at home.

The Hanlon's said...

this is the one I was telling you about

Some of the reviews are not so hot, but overall people seem super satisfied. I'm giving it a try! :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Lol I love this. I love your shoes they look like a pair I have! Maybe they are both the same? Yeah I'm not a fashion poster/blogger either haha. A tripod maybe would work? I don't have one as well! Cute outfit!

Jenny said...

such a great idea! I'm thinking of just staying on my couch this year too!

ginanorma said...


and yes, what a brilliant idea for all you new-er mommies!!! No sequins allowed! Love it! Can't wait for those pics!

Hanna said...

Your so cute:) I love this photo!!! You k ow what Stephanie, you could totally make hose pot pies and just sub tofu for chicken. The crust doesn't even have dairy and just don't brush it with egg wash. All that does is make it brown better anyway, it doesn't really affect the taste. O bet they would be awesome. You could make the sauce for them using mushrooms, veggie stock and flour:)

Yellow Finch Designs said...

Sounds like fun!!
Haha, and I love the attempted photo shoot. I have so many failed ones. Adds character ;) the outfit is great though!

Elisha(: said... ; your blogs tooooooo adorable!! follow me?