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polka dot christmas paper:

wrapping presents is something i just love. it's such a fun way to show your creative flare and make
gift giving even more extra special then it already is. this year i just couldn't find any wrapping paper
i was super fond of so i decided to just make my own! with packaging paper, a little christmas trim
 and some jute you can come up with some pretty fun wrapping ideas. i also used a bit of washi tape 
and really loved how it turned out. do you like decorating presents? i know some people hate it! 

all wrapped up

sooo i really appreciate well wrapped gifts.
 don't get me wrong, i appreciate gifts that aren't wrapped well too {ahem, husband}.
but when i get a gift that clearly took a lot of time and effort to wrap i really admire it.

my mom is one of the best gift wrappers ever! i never want to open her packages because they look so pretty. 

would you believe this is the first year i've put a lot into my wrapping? i don't know what i was doing all the years past! i think it's just called lazy. ha.  

i had so much fun wrapping all these gifts this year and adding some special touches.
here are just a few of my favs! 


are you taking the time to wrap gifts in a special way this year? 

if not i really don't blame ya. my husband walked in last night and said,
 "are you sure you want to put all this time and effort into wrapping these?
they look so nice but it all get's ripped off in 5 seconds." 

yeah, he's totally right. i'm sure my 5yr. old nephew won't be impressed with this tedious packaging.

que sera sera.


sweet inspiration

sometimes in our little creative minds we can seem to hit a giant brick wall 
every now and again. 

sometimes i like when that happens. crazy right? 

i like it because it forces me to get out of the crazy-town of my own head and see what creative beauties the rest of the world is coming up with. 

not so i can rip-off their ideas but so i can be inspired

here is some amazingness that has inspired me and i think will get your wheels turning too! 

Picnik collagePicnik collagePicnik collage
{photos via pinterest}

ahhhhh. i feel better now.

where do you find inspiration? 

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pretty packaging

on friday our little family decided to venture out and do a bit of christmas shopping. i must admit i'm not really the type to get in the "christmas spirit" until a few days after thanksgiving

 {gasp! i know, maybe something's wrong with me?}

but once we were out shopping our little tushies off i was beginning to feel excited about christmas. 

when we got home i pondered about how i could better present our gifts this year.
you know, really put some effort into the wrapping instead of just throwing some rudolf and santa clad paper on them.
{not that there is anything wrong with rudolf and santa it's just not super creative
and come on girls, we can do so much better then that!}

not sure what i'm talking about? check out some of these lovelies . . . 


i'm such a sucker for pretty packaging!

so, i think i will rack my creative brain and see what fun i can come up with for my christmas wrappings this year.

do you deck out your gifts in a fun way? 

oh and p.s. while we were out shopping paisley got a special treat from her daddy  . . . 


her own personalized 59/50 hat.

now she doesn't have to steal her daddy's anymore!