leopard + plaid:

 photo 69f3c6a4-e9bc-485b-8fe9-3fc011a64e24_zpsc5083ee0.jpg  photo paisleyfabkidsplaid_zpse05f82d2.jpg  photo paisleyfabkidsplaid-12_zpsac790431.jpg  photo e1e5e309-5f70-4017-a590-a8311364d25c_zps39cba6e8.jpg  photo f5d8a090-8561-4173-996c-10b59d98f13d_zps4262d468.jpg  photo ff682be4-0b7d-4ee8-9603-7b6ab66ff51c_zps969ca7dd.jpg  photo paisleyfabkidsplaid-4_zps7b51279a.jpg  photo a46abe58-fb66-4dce-8e3d-9a86cd28c621_zps8f9be86c.jpg  photo paisleyfabkidsplaid-11_zps0051f095.jpg  photo paisleyfabkidsplaid-10_zpse97ca70e.jpg  photo 95c2465b-f4f4-4b85-ab75-9451a20a5c0b_zps669f501f.jpg
sweatshirt & pants: c/o fabkids >> shoes: h&m >> faux fur coat: h&m {last year}  

i find it comical that i'm often jealous of my 4 year olds closet. i've been searching for a fur coat like
 this for two years with no luck {unless i want to pay $300, and i most certainly don't.} so instead i live
 through my daughters style. ha. we love this look from fabkids london calling line. tartan leggings and
 a leather ruffle sleeve graphic top. i mean, come on, they nailed it! pair it with some knock off chucks
 from h&m for {$12 hello!} and a faux fury coat and it's just...perfect.

check out fabkids and their newest holiday collection here.