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i'm almost 30. whaaaa? 30?! i can't believe it. in february i turn 29 and i have one more year to relish
 my 20's. this sobering reality has made me start thinking hardcore about my skin care routine. i've been
 an avid face washer since i was about 13 years old. dealt with acne on and off my whole life and as
a result used harsh chemicals on my face for years to keep the breakouts at bay.

 recently a good friend of mine told me she had been using coconut oil on her face every night as a
moisturizer. i had heard of people doing it before and even tried it once or twice but never stuck to it.
the thought of putting an "oil" on my already oily, breakout prone skin just seemed...a little cray cray.

 well, i finally gave in a few months ago and holy wow. seriously kicking myself for not doing this
 years ago. i don't know how it's even possible but this magical oil (yes i think it's magical) doesn't clog
 your pores, or cause breakouts it actually heals them. i'm not saying everyone who tries it will have the
 same results as me but coming from someone who has literally tried it all i am amazed by the results.
plus it's so cheap! a container of the kind i use (pictured above) is roughly $12 and it will last you
 months and months if not a year! so if you've tried it all and are still looking for a great moisturizer
 that heals your skin at the same time, try coconut oil! i hope you love it just as much as me.

*just a little tip, if you do try it out you only need to use a small amount. a little goes a long way!
** read here to learn more on coconut oil used as a beauty product.