new series: getting to know you

so forever ago (and i mean forever) i wrote this post asking readers if they had any questions
about yours truly that they would like to me answer. and here, 6 months later, i'm finally getting
around to it! so many questions came in that i think i'm just going to compile them all into a
series called "getting to know you". i mainly picked that title because i love musicals...who
 know's what musical that song title comes from? if you guess it you get.....a hand clap. 
ok so today's question is:
what hair products do you use on a daily basis?
awesome question but some of you might not like the answer. either that or it might totally 
gross you out! first things first i had really long hair for a quite a while and last christmas i 
decided to chop, no hack it off. my cut was super cute but i immediately regretted it because 
i think i'm just a long haired girl at heart. so above is what my hair used to look like and below
 is what it looks like now...well not really my hair is a little longer then this now because i'm 
growing it out hallelujah! 
ok so to answer the question here are the products i use on my hair every day {which is
 actually more like once a week} because catch this...i only wash my hair like once a 
week! gasp! i know totally gross right? well the truth is it's actually much better to go 
as long as you can without washing it, and i know what most of you are thinking, "my 
hair is too greasy to do that", BUT if you just commit to trying, even just trying to go 
 2 or 3 days your scalp with start to get used to the lack of washing and stop producing 
so much oil. and before your know it you can be gross just like me! ha. 

so here is the line up, i wash my hair with this: 

once i've towel dried my hair i put on this :

       before i blow it out i use these two:
                 and to protect my hair from the heat of curling and flat irons i use these:               

wow. that seems like a lot eh? i guess i try everything i can to protect and strengthen my 
hair since the reason i had to cut it last year was due to terrible damage. i know the logical
thing would be to just stop styling my hair and let it go all natural but that is just not
something that anyone should have to see. sooo i choose to just slather on
products instead and wash/style my hair as little as possible.

here's where you can find all these products:
shampoo & conditioner, moroccan oil, it's a 10, mousse, aquage sprays
all photos c/o hollie marie photography

if you're curious about anything just leave me a question as a comment or email me
and i'd be happy to answer it, as long as it's not too personal/weird.

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